Our aims

Heartcry: Compassion in Action

Christians believe that God loves all people. The services provided in the centre will demonstrate this fact in welcoming and serving everyone; regardless of race, age, belief or background.

Jesus Centre Mission Statement

Expressing the love of Jesus daily in worship, friendship and help for every kind of person.

The Jesus Centre Vision

  1. Showing the heart of Jesus in the heart of the locality through spiritual, social and practical provision at Jesus Centres serving God, the local Jesus Fellowship Congregation and the local community.
  2. Running as full a programme of activities as possible during the weekdays, evenings and weekends to make Jesus Centres places of vibrant life and action.
  3. Displaying and promoting the Jesus Fellowship strengths of radical Christian faith, informal down-to-earth friendship and non-judgemental acceptance of every kind of person.
  4. Meeting the needs of those who use Jesus Centres by resourcing them with sufficient space, facilities, staff, volunteers, skills, understanding and finances.
  5. Opening and running Jesus Centres in major UK cities and towns where the Jesus Fellowship congregation is large enough to support them by adding to the Jesus Centres already opened in Coventry (2002), Northampton (2004), London (2008) and Sheffield (2011) with further Centres in Birmingham (2014) and other places as we are able. [2018 UPDATE: new Jesus Centres now open in Birmingham, Kettering and Leicester]

More Info

Jesus Centres are the initiative of the Jesus Fellowship Church.

The centres are run by the Jesus Centres Trust (JCT). The Heartcry Appeal has been set up to raise finance for this project.

The Jesus Fellowship Church is an evangelical Christian church with a charismatic emphasis. It is part of the Multiply Christian Network. For over 30 years the Church has been working to help people in backgrounds of addiction, poverty and homelessness. In particular the JF seeks to help the marginalised and disadvantaged to find stability, friendship and a place in society.