About Jesus Centres

Jesus Centres are making a vast difference to the lives of many people

Jesus Centres are responding to the rising need in the UK. There’s poverty, injustice, racial and social prejudice and family breakdown with vast numbers feeling marginalised and hurt. We want to reach them with the good news of Jesus.

Jesus Centres are places where the love of Jesus is expressed daily in worship, friendship and help for every type of person. The homeless and disadvantaged find a particular welcome at Jesus Centres. We offer a hand of friendship and a listening ear as well as functioning as a gateway to other services and local agencies.

The larger Jesus Centres provide washing facilities, second hand clothing, hair cutting and other amenities. Active listening, life skills and IT training are also available at various times during the week. Typically, Jesus Centres feature a café, lounge area and an information point. The Centres usually provide ESOL services and a variety of other groups, e.g. art and craft classes, gyms, job clubs, book clubs and food banks.

Reasonably priced food is available at some of the Centres, as well as access to IT facilities, counselling and training rooms. People can drop in to meet friends and have a coffee or just pause in a busy day for a few quiet minutes in the prayer room.

Four large Jesus Centres have already been opened by the JCT. They are based on a former cinema in Northampton, a converted car showroom in Coventry city centre, an old convent in central London and a former Methodist hall and residence in Sheffield. There are a few smaller Jesus Centres too in central Birmingham, Leicester and Kettering.

Jesus Centres are sometimes used for local church events, with a daily programme of church and social events at the Centres. The buildings will also contain several other meeting rooms which will be available for use by other groups.

Our Jesus Centres are supported by Jesus Centres Trust, a Registered Charity in England and Wales (reg company no. 9759891, reg charity no. 1165925).

Watch the video above for more information and to find out how you can help.